Bat exodus in Khao Yai National Park

Watch bats swarm in the twilight

Take a safari across Khao Yai National Park and head to the eerie bat caves at sunset for a real showstopper. All of a sudden, you’ll see thousands of bats flood from the caves and fly into the dusk. At the same time, birds of prey swoop into the swarm, trying to grab themselves a snack. It’s an eye-opening experience. The next day, you’ll trek along elephant trails and set out on safari in a traditional songthaew, scouring the jungle for macaques, toucans, gibbons and sloths.

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Elephant Nature Park in Thailand

Save Elephant Foundation

It’s exciting to visit countries that have these gentle giants roaming their landscapes. Seeing an elephant in the wild is not very common these days, and during your travels in Thailand you’ll see places that offer elephant encounters and rides. As part of our meaningful travel philosophy, we do not encourage our travellers to ride elephants and we have moved away from trips that offer such experiences. We believe these amazing creatures should be seen and appreciated, and so we have chosen to support a local project in Thailand that cares for elephants that have been rescued and rehabilitated and where the local community are being educated about eco-tourism.

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travellers during a trekking in Khao Yai


Trekking in Thailand
Trek through tropical jungles packed with wildlife and hike between emerald rice terraces to meet minority hill tribes. Thailand is a real trekker’s delight.
Trekking in Thailand
Elephant in Thailand bathing


Local Project
Here at Rickshaw Travel we are proud to support this local project in Thailand, supporting rescued elephants in Chiang Mai.
Our local project in Thailand

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