Woman overlooking mountain viewpoint in Peru

Trek to lost kingdoms in Peru

Follow in the footsteps of the Incas, trekking the classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. You’ll hike through the Sacred Valley, arriving at the lost kingdom for a sunrise that will stay in your mind forever. For a twist on the traditional route, try the Lares or Salkantay trek, equally as beautiful as the Inca Trail but with far less human foot traffic.

Trekking in Peru
Man standing in front of Patagonia glaciers in Argentina

Get glacial in Patagonia, Argentina

Head to the tiny village of El Chaltèn, the trekking hub of Argentina at the foot of the Fitz Roy mountain range. Walk to hidden waterfalls backed by snowy Andean peaks, circle high mountain lagoons and hike along Patagonian glaciers. Try a trek in Tierra del Fuego, passing jagged mountains, lakes, ancient forests and trees doubled over by the wind, keeping your eyes peeled for foxes and condors as you hike. It’s The Great Outdoors at its greatest.

Trekking in Argentina
Nepal Porter sitting with a big bag of belongings on his back in the Nepal valley

Hike between snowy peaks in Nepal

Escape into the Himalayas, trekking between towering snow-tipped peaks in pocket-sized Nepal. A natural playground for hikers, it’s one of the best places on the planet to put your best foot forward. Set off on an epic journey to Everest Base Camp, challenge yourself with the entire Annapurna Circuit or opt for a shorter trek to the top of Poon Hill for sunrise. You’ll experience cascading green foothills, alpine forests scattered with rainbow prayer flags, and sweeping Himalayan views at every bend.

Trekking in Nepal
Children on a road

Go local in Laos

Hike to small tribal villages tucked away between the rice terraces, stay at home with the locals and soak up the laid-back atmosphere of Laos. Climb into the mountains for a glimpse of remote rural life, get a taste of traditional home-cooked food and throw yourself into the sleepy spirit of Laos. For a real adventure, try trekking the northern trail from Laos into Thailand, passing through ancient forests and drifting downstream on a bamboo raft.

Trekking in Laos
Sapa Rice Fields

Trek to the hill tribes of Vietnam

Discover the wilderness in the mountainous north of the country which is home to many traditional hill tribes. On a clear day, you’ll have spectacular views over vibrant terraced rice fields cascading down the mountainsides. On some days, you’ll find yourself trekking through mountains shrouded in an ethereal mist. But even then, Sapa is a breathtaking destination as you soak up the colour and culture in the villages and markets of the hill tribe people.

Trekking in Vietnam

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