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A country full of natural beauty and wonder, a passion for wine, dancing and the great outdoors. Spend the night in a locally run estancia (ranch) and ride across the valleys on horseback. Cycle between the vineyards of northern Argentina, with a possible tipple or two, and visit remote tucked away villages en route. Or head south to Patagonia, where you can sail amongst the icebergs or kayak across glacier lakes.

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  • View of the Iguazu waterfalls
  • Cowboy on a horseback rounding up stock
  • With the boat along the massive glaciers in El Calafate

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  • Gaucho on a horse in Argentina
  • Torres del Paine
  • Couple dancing tango in Buenos Aires

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Trek to glaciers and snowy peaks
Trek to giant glaciers, hike to rainbow-coloured hills and climb to icy mountain lakes. Argentina is a trekker’s delight, with natural beauty around every bend.
Trekking in Argentina
Jana - Travel Specialist

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