Why Rickshaw

Why Rickshaw

Bringing you closer to the real Bolivia through meaningful travel experiences and authentic small-scale accommodation is what we’re all about. Travel by bus just like the Bolivians and discover the delights and frustrations of this incredible country.

  • Create your own itinerary by selecting from our bite-size trips
  • Travel independently – with the occasional small group excursion
  • Discover the real Bolivia using our support and local knowledge

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  • A view across the Bolivia Salt Flats with birds bathing in the water
  • Bolivia view of city with red tile rooftops
  • Couple on a mine tour in Potosi

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  • Local woman on a market in la Paz
  • Couple jumping at salt flats in Bolivia
  • Woman sitting on the street with birds

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Couple smiling in front of salt flats in Bolivia


When is the best time to visit Bolivia?
Bolivia is truly wild with a climate ranges from stark, endless desert to thick tropical jungle. Find out the best time to visit.
Best time to visit Bolivia
Capibara bathing in water


Bolivia might not be famous for wildlife, but head to the Bolivian Amazon basin & you'll be surprised to discover tropical jungle & vast pampas full of life.
Wildlife in Bolivia

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