• Customer and local woman cooking together-Kandy-Sri Lanka
  • India women working in field
  • Customers with local hosts

Our Bite-Sized Trips

We offer a wide range of bite-sized trips in each of our destinations all of which encompass our meaningful travel ethos in some way. It could be that you stay in an eco-friendly resort that supports the local environment, journey out into the countryside to help a local farmer, travel by public bus alongside the local people or visit a community based tourism project. Each destination has its own meaningful travel page where we’ve picked out a couple of suggested bite-sized trips to get you started on your meaningful journey.

  • Cambodian women collecting water
  • A local boy with a bandaged hand.
  • Argentina local project
  • Boy learning from book
  • Group outside Odanadi retreat

Local Projects

In each of our destinations we support a local project. At the time of booking you’ll have the opportunity to donate $20 to the local project in that country (although you can donate more if you like). Check out the list of all our projects here.

  • Vietnam road to Sapa
  • Sand boarding in Huacachina, Peru
  • Sapa Rice Fields
  • Camel Riding India

The Environment

While long haul travel is, by its very nature, not particularly eco-friendly, we try very hard to minimise our effect on the environment. Travel may not be the best way to preserve our planet, but it certainly makes for a more tolerant, understanding and open-minded global community, which is why it’s so important that your travel experiences are meaningful. If you’re looking to offset the carbon from your travels, many airlines offer this in conjunction with their international flights. Have a chat with your travel specialist or airline for more information.

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